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     What I've got so far:

    G strings always sound wonky, no matter the brand.

    3 weeks is about the max for good sound from uncoated strings-never tried coated ones.

    Gibson brand works best for my git.

    12s are easier on the fingers than 13s with no discernible change in volume to my ears.




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    I've never used any strings heavier than light gauge. I've played guitars with medium gauge strings on them, but they didn't do anything for me. I get plenty of tone and volume out of mine. I also feel that my guitar is more comfortable with light gauge strings. Less stress, ya know. I also have this sort of half-assed theory that meduim gauge strings put more tension on the soundboard of a guitar, thus inhibiting the potential for the top to vibrate like it wants to. I could be dead wrong about that, but I'm still staying with light gauge strings.

    I don't really know what you mean about "wonky" G strings. I seem to have a bigger problem with the B string. I have to  keep my B tuned 2 or 3 cents flat before it sounds right to me. I think that's fairly common on just about any six-string guitar. 

    I've got three dreads that I rotate.......I change the strings on them twice a year, Poppy, and they still sound good and look decent even after six months of wear and tear. And, I'm not buying any expensive strings either.......I use Martin MSP4100 PB lights.......less than $6 at Musician's Friend.


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      What kinda life you get out of strings Opa?

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    I have more important things to spend my money on than changing strings that don't need changing... like beer... and groceries... and ammunition.


    I get about a year out of a set of MSP's.

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      I'd change strings every 2 weeks if I could afford it.

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    poppytater wrote:

     What I've got so far:

    G strings always sound wonky, no matter the brand. . . .

    . . . 12s are easier on the fingers than 13s with no discernible change in volume to my ears.



    The "wonky" G could be a matter of intonation. The low E needs a fair amount of compensation and most saddles don't provide enough. That means the G played on the low E isn't really an octave below the G string, it's flat, which makes the G string sound sharp. I also use 12's and don't notice a difference. Specifically, I use 80/20 12's, usually Martin or Ernie Ball Earthwood. As I've mentioned before on various occasions, I discovered by accident that 80/20's are less prone to G string binding at the nut so I use them for non-sonic reasons.

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      The 13s I've tried don't have the wonky (if that means flat) sounding G string ... 

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    G-strings are really nice--- visually. But some folks should not be allowed to wear them. Same goes for spandex.
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      Given the fact that I have a few (and a few more) guitars, string logevity is of major importance. Also availability and the shelf life. So, I've opted for D'Addario EXP16 for everything. Maybe not the most brilliant choice as some guitars sound better with other strings than the EXP16, but all in all the lifespan and the sound of the EXP is well in my comfort zone.

      Having a motorized peg winder helps a lot, whe changing strings - especially on a 12-string.