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Best guitar for an adult beginner singer/songwriter

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  • Best guitar for an adult beginner singer/songwriter

    I'm an instructor with an adult beginner guitar student who wants a new acoustic guitar primarily to strum chords as accompniment for group singing, typically current rock, pop, folk.  She wants a comfortable, easy-to-play guitar that stays in tune well and sounds really nice for strummed open position and barre chords.  Does this exist for under $400?

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    Look at the 700 series Yamaha guitars.  They start at something like $200 street, but bumping up to the ones that run $300 gets you a pretty nice guitar.  The Takamini 300 series is pretty good, too, but a little more mid-rangy than the Yamaha ones. 


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      Thanks, I'll check them out.

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    guitarplayer888 wrote:

    ... easy-to-play guitar that stays in tune well and sounds really nice for strummed open position and barre chords.


    Hey Guitar Player 888,

    I agree with everyone about Yamahas as well as having her try out some guitars.

    I'm sure you're aware of this, but on the off chance you are not: the easy-to-play factor is for most folks pretty directly related to the guitar's action, which is usually adjusted easily by an experienced guitar tech. So don't necessarily let a guitar with high action scare you away - unless the high action is indicative of a structural issue, but I doubt that will be the case if you're buying a brand new guitar. 

    Other, IMO smaller factors here include nut width (folks with big hands tend to prefer wider nuts than folks with small hands) and neck shape (most beginners, in my experience, prefer a slimmer profile). 

    Just a couple things to consider when you head to the guitar store.


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      Can't slam the yam.....

      For the money, they're consistently decent instruments, IMO

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    I don't go anywhere without my Recording King...all wood model, top, back and sides...great strumming guitar, excellent picking guitar....Mine is the RO-26.
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      Guitar Center often runs sales on their Parkwood guitars. They are actually nicely made, solid wood guitars. Most people have never heard of them, but they are the "house brand" and can be had for under $400, but, a cut above the $300 and below Yamahas in that they are solid wood.