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Looking for musicians to jam with in the Orlando Florida Area.

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  • Looking for musicians to jam with in the Orlando Florida Area.

    Hello all. My name is William Sparks, and I'm a selftaught blind multiinstrumentalist who just moved from Texas to Orlando Florida. I am looking for musicians to jam with and maybe work on music projects. My specialties are in acoustic and clean archtop electric guitars, bass, mandolin and lap steel guitars. I play Blues, Roots, Country Folk and Gospel. I have a few ideas to bring to the table, and I would like to thank Harmony Central for allowing me to do so. I don't talk politics unless it's face to face... so no proverbial ruffling of internet feathers from me... just music. It is music which is my passion, and the very gift the Lord gave me. Glad to be a part of this group. Take care all, and God bless.

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    Welcome to our little forum, William. I know what it's like trying to find a "pickin' partner" who's into the same type of music you're into. I sure haven't had any luck doing it in my own area of the world. Wishing you the best of luck.

    You might want to check the "musicians" section of your local Craig's List, although I haven't had any luck with that yet. I keep looking, though.

    Check out some of the local mom & pop music stores in your area. There are two real close to me that host regular weekly jam sessions and it's a barrel of you get to meet some really fine inidviduals at this sort of doings.

    All the best!




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      Thanks. Nice selection of guitars you got there. That DM has just the pasive pickup with the endpin jack... right?