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    Note to self - Do not post whilst drinking whisky.

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    Hey, it was on topic.  I just didn't see a question there.  Anyway, PUI posts are some of my favorites.  





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      Bring it back and let us decide ...

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    So, there I was, on large whisky number 3 (or 4!). Browsing youtube for inspirational players when I came across Sungha Jung. Anyway, in my inebriation, I considered that Sungha must have the potential to be one of the worlds notable players. So I posted that thought. However, in the hangover of the next morning I considered it a somewhat lesser validity than when pissed up. Hence the deletion. Lol.


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      I dont need the water o' life to get into trouble - I posted a linked picture on AGF of Ervin Somogyi's bracing which is on a few guitar sites but surprisingly not on this one -

      I got a very nice message from one of Mr Somogyi's associates asking me to remove the picture !.

      This I have done but my original post was 'quoted' in which it still displayes the original picture - I cant do nothin bout it - oh dear.