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Hondo 1/2 size acoustic guitar


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  • Hondo 1/2 size acoustic guitar

    IMAG000518.JPGI recently bought a small Hondo acoustic guitar at a "antiques" dealer near me. It is in excellent shape and after adding new strings  played a sweet sound on it.

    I was wondering if anyone can help me with information on it. the model number on the inside of the body reads 014-N and the serial number is 8400021.

    I looked around on the web and can't find anything about this particular guitar. It is smaller than a regular acoustic and came in it's own case. 

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    That model was originally called a "student" guitar. Now, sellers are calling it a "parlor" or "travel" guitar. Neither of which would be accurate in my mind. It has laminated mahogany back and sides and laminated spruce top.

    Hondo was back and forth between Japan and Korea in the 1980s and moved operations to China in the late 1990s. The company owners joined with the investment group that started Samick. The rights to the Hondo label changed hands in 2006, I think, and I have not seen any new instruments but wouldn't be shocked to find ukuleles and guitars come from Chinese factories in the future with the Hondo label.

    The company had a really nice couple of Martin acoustic knock-offs at one time and a Gibson L5 copy that was an impressive performer. I saw a couple of really nice LP copies in the 1980s and a friend of mine had one.

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      Can you place a value on this particular model, and when it was built. I know Hondo started out in the U.S. in '69. I'm more interested in this particular guitars possible history.