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Mahogany players - help me design my next guitar

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  • Mahogany players - help me design my next guitar

    For several years now I have been wanting a small bodied all mahogany guitar and I

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    I vote #1.
    Slot head.
    Tried and true.


    • EdBega
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      My choice # 1 but not slotted, with a nice fat neck ...


      If you don't like it let me know ...

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    I love the idea of option #2, but on a small-bodied, short-scale guitar I would definitely want to go with a scalloped X bracing pattern. I just think non-scalloped bracing plus a short scale is a dead combo - why I never cared for the standard 000-18. And I'm not crazy about ladder bracing, generally. I love the Gibby L-00 shape, though, and think it could be awesome in all-hog with the FK wizardry.
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    Try looking at these....makes your mouth water.....
    Steve Goodman Fan/Eddie Wright Fan/Damon Fowler Fan 2006 Martin OM21, 2014 Martin GPC12string, 2012 Gibson J45 Standard Spruce/mahogany1969 Framus 12 String Spruce/Mahogany1990's Larrivee D2 (Spruce/Mahogany)2007-8 Guild C0-2C (Spruce/Mahogany)2009 Recording King RO-26 (Spruce/Mahogany)1962-3 Gibson LG2 (Spruce/Mahogany)


    • masterbuilt
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      Here's another vote for the Gibson 00 shape. I'd love to play some bluesy tunes on one.

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    Pick a solid hog guitar that's blown you away and do a variation of that. Tried and true.