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Some photos from the Martin Guitar museum


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  • Some photos from the Martin Guitar museum

    I was up at Lehigh University in Allentown for a conference this past weekend and noticed that the Martin Guitar factory was only about 15 miles away, so I blew off the last session of the day to drive up there.  I was too late for any of the factory tours but I got to go into the museum as well as the "really nice guitars you can't afford" room to play some fun stuff.  (lots of nice sounding ones, although I have to say I really didn't like the Jonny Cash signature despite its great looks- it's all bass, no definition on the treble at all)  It's worth a trip if you're in the area- I just wish that I'd gotten to see the factory - what I could see by peeking through the windows looked really interesting.

    Thought you might appreciate some pictures- please excuse the crappy cell phone quality

    Early guitar, first one with x-bracing


    Martin made a lot of mandolins in the early days as well


    Jimme Rodgers' guitar


    And Gene Autry's


    Some experiments are successful.  Others, not so much


    Kurt Cobain's acoustic


    First guitar in space


    Didn't come out well, but this is the Vitruvian man inlay on the 1,500,000th guitar.  They have both the 1M and 1M+1 ones as well- I couldn't get a good picture, but that's ok because they are both gaudy and IMHO hideous.  Just covered in inlay front 


    Another crappy image, but see if you can guess the owner of this one from the inlay


    Modern lineup 



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    Great pictures!  I love my Martin to death!

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      I'd love to visit the factory some day. Thanks for the pictures!