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'Top notch' seagull??

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  • 'Top notch' seagull??

    What in your opinion would be the top notch Seagull dread? what 'woods' are we talking about here? would i be impressed with the 'bassy' sound? i've tried a lower end seagull and i'm a little curious as to the upper end models. does any one out there have top of the line seagull and what are your impressions as compared to other guitars you've had?

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    There's the SWS (Solid Wood Series) and the Artist series. I've played an SWS - they are very nicely made, but the sound wasn't anything special to my ears.

    I've never played any of the Artist series one, though a local mom & pop has a 12-string that is pretty stunning looking. I just don't want to touch it, since it's price tag is somewhat north of $1k, so I don't wanna be tempted....  

    -SteveWell, of course I bought guitars that are better than I am! I need something to grow into, right?


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      A top notch Seagull, in my experience, isn't worth the money. I've played a couple in the

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    Trouble with Seaguls is they tend to leave white spots on your stuff. Sorry - wrong seagul. Actually I'VE never played on. I've played mid level S6's that were pretty good, and I have a Norman B20 that is wonderful (same guitar, diff headstock)
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      Seagulls no matter the price point are not Martins. A bluegrasser prob won't be satisfied. Not bassy or loud enough. Still very good guitars tho.


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        Sounds like what you need is a Martin. Try a D15. Not as bassy as a 28 but enough and plenty loud. Could be argued better than a 28 for flatpicked leads, cuts thu plenty.


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          IMHO, comparing Seagulls to Martins is a little wacky. It seems to assume that anyone looking for an acoustic is looking for the same thing in terms of construction and sonic output - I don't believe this is accurate.

          I haven't played a lot of Seagulls, but the few I've tried out over the years have impressed me as extremely well-made, with very good fit and finish. I like them. My only idiosyncratic beef is that I tend to prefer a different neck profile and generally narrower nut widths. Ironically, the best Seagull I ever played, which I really liked a lot, was a Peppino D'Agostino model, with a nearly 2" nut width (1.9"). Excellent guitar.