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Is this a good deal?

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  • Is this a good deal?

    I know that Martin's mandolins don't measure up to other brand names and they're not the most sought after mandolins, but would this be a good deal if I can talk him down to $700-750 since there's no case?


    1922 Martin A-Style Mandolin





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    I would ask here

    A Martin mando will have a dovetail neck joint - check the neck angle just as you would on a guitar.   It is the same procedure if it needs resetting (probably $300+).   Cases are available.


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      Thanks.  I asked on that forum as well.  By checking the neck do you mean fretting the first fret and pushing down where the neck meets the body to check relief as you would on guitar?  I'm familiar with guitars but not so much mandolins.  I asked him the condition of the frets and if it needs any fret work.  I'm going to use it to play music so I want to make sure that it doesn't need fret work or what you said neck repair.  He said it's still playable.

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    I'd run, not walk, over to check it out...