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taylor 710?

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  • taylor 710?

    so i have been considering upgrading from my epi aj masterbilt for quite some time now and cant seem to make up my mind !


    i came across a used 1997 taylor 710 guitar with after market pickup installed. the guitar is in good conditio. what would be fair market value of this baby?


    also, if you own a 710 (spruce), how do you like it? how would you compare it with a hummingbird or martin hd28



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    No idea how the 710 compares to the others except to say it's probably apples vs. oranges. However, they sell on eBay for $600-1500, although not necessarily with a pickup installed. Figure maybe $1200-1300 but that'sjust a guess.

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    • Freeman Keller
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      I believe that a 97 is before NT necks - still a bolt on but a little more difficult to work on.   It is old enough that neck angle might be an issue and if it is, get the original owner to have it set under his warrenty.  If it is NT then you (or any shop) can do the reset if it is necessary.   The after market pup is probably better that the old Taylor ES (many of them were upgraded at no cost by the factory).

      As far as comparing to an HD28 - lots of people feel that Taylors have their own sound in spite of the fact that both are rosewood dreads.    I would certainly play it first and make sure that is the sound you want.