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Takamine G440c or Cort SFX-E Acoustic Guitar


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  • Takamine G440c or Cort SFX-E Acoustic Guitar

    Takamine G440c is a guitar which has a lot of good reviews and Takamine guitars known for their well quality, Its available for 200$ in my place. I dont know why its that cheap, also it does have a laminated top only. Cort SFX-E also for the same price only like 5$ more but has a pickup, solid top. Both have Mahagony sides and back, personally i prefer the Takamine because of its gold tuners.  Someone who has used both please help me decide, I am sort of beginner intermediate player

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    I've played the Takamine in Guitar Center but haven't seen the Cort. Frankly, my recommendation would be "Neither." If this guitar is an upgrade for you, you'll likely want a solid top, which rules out the Takamine. Besides, "It has gold tuners" is a pretty lame reason for choosing a guitar. As for the Cort, while they make some excellent guitars and in the neighborhood of $200 is a great price (from what I can see, that model typically sells for closer to $265), it's best to avoid cheap acoustic/electrics because the manufacturer has cut corners somewhere; decent electronics are not cheap and a cutaway adds cost, as does a solid top. My overall advice is to either keep saving until something else comes along or buy the Takamine.

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