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  • Acoustic electric

    Would like some suggestions on solid used acoustic electrics in the 550$ range. I dont know much about acoustics so would be a huge help! My only requirement is a cut away dreadnought body 

    Good deals with - Jim Hunter, Hosebeast, Evoken13, ToonHallow

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    Its hard to say. The quality of the pickup systems can vary so much. Taks have a rep for having good electronics in them. I've heard good sounding Yamahas, Washburns, Ibanezes, & Alvarezs, and some that were solid great playing and sounding guitars acoustically but the electric side of the sound sucked, or vice versa. I thinks acoustic electrics are something you just have to try out. Do you have an acoustic amp or some kinda portable one man PA rig you can lug around to try em out?  Or at least a small  practice bass amp or keyboard amp? Something with a nice and even flat eq? That would help evauate the electric side of the equation.






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      All i have is a giant roland JC-120... I'm considering a Yamaha A1M or A1R probably gonna get the M considering its 150$ cheaper and the only difference is the laminated wood...