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  • A Recent Visit To Guitar Center.........

    So, I had the afternoon free Wednesday and used the time to visit my local GC. Hadn't been there in about six months and wanted to (again) test drive a Martin MMV dreadnought.

    They had only one on display, but it was sweet. And....it was on sale for $1299 (regularly priced at $1499). I didn't buy it, but if I was actually in the market for a new guitar, that one would be at the top of my list. In reality, even though it was impressive in all manner of guitar speak, it really didn't sound or play any better than my old Martin 12-year-old DM or my practically new D-15M. I haven't entirely discounted the idea of getting it yet. I think I could sell my DM and D-15 at a reasonable price, add a few bucks to the money, and bring that MMV home. Still thinking about it.

    The only other guitar (in my price range) that I liked was a Larrivee D-03 for about $50 more than the MMV. Truly an impressive dreadnought guitar. Beautiful wood and beautifully put together.

    I think either one of these guitars would be a lifetime guitar......for my purposes, I can't think of anything that costs more money that would serve me any better.

    Before I left the acoustic room I went to the back of the room and gave the used/trade-ins a look-see. Sure didn't see any "bargains" there! I'm sure their prices aren't engraved in stone, but what I saw were way overpriced.

    After I wiped the drool off of the MMV and Larrivee guitars I went over to the guitar strings section and bought myself a new capo. Got a Shubb deluxe.......the newer model with the little roller ball and redesigned lever. It was $21.99 and I should've gotten one long ago. I'm not going to throw away my old Kyser that I've had for about six years, but it's put away now and probably won't see the light of day very often anymore.

    One thing I'd like to mention about GC. I've read a lot of postings about how "bad" the strings are on the guitars on display. I don't get to GC all that often, but from what I saw Wednesday, every acoustic guitar looked like it's been well maintained with very new strings on them to boot. I don't know how they are at other GC stores, but the one here in Columbus seems to be doing things right.


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    Congratulations on the new Shubb. I've had a standard model for about 8 or 9 years and I love it. As for GC and used guitars, the last time I was in a GC, they had a used Yairi YM2 that was actually reasonably priced. If I'd had $800 lying around and it wasn't a 15-year-old guitar I might've bitten. BTW, the GC web site says there's currently a $100 "instant rebate" on the MMV.

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      The sales clerk mentioned the $100 "instant rebate", but he also said it doesn't apply to items that have already been reduced in price.

      At the same time, both of my main players are as playable and sweet sounding as any guitars I've ever owned and, at my age, I keep wondering if I really want to spend the next 3 or 4 years breaking in a new one. It's not a "money" thing......I'm just trying to be realistic about it. I guess once you hit 70, you start thinking differently than when you're younger and feel like you're gonna live forever.    

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    I've just started to learn guitar at the grand age of 44, so far in life I have been a keyboard player.

    I'd just like to say I really enjoyed your post,you have an easy to read laid back style have you ever thought of doing a blog?


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      Your Guitar Center carries Larrivee?


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        Howie22 wrote:
        Your Guitar Center carries Larrivee?

        That's a good question, Howie. I didn't ask about it. Didn't even think about asking. I just happened to see it hanging on the wall and pulled it down to check it out. I didn't see any other Larrivee models.

        It was a new one, though......not one of their trade-ins. Could've been a "fluke", I guess. I checked GC's web site and they don't show Larrivee guitars there. However, Musician's Friend carries Larrivee and I know MF and GC are associated. So, it's anybody's guess as to how GC got it.

        I'm not up on Larrivee pricing, but I just checked on line prices for the D-03 and it looks to me like GC's price (about $1350) was kind of high! I guess I could've misread the price tag.....or, it could've been priced wrong. It wouldn't be the first time that's happened at GC.

        About a year ago, I was in GC with a friend of mine who really likes my Yamaha FG730S. Those sell for $299.00. GC had one with an  FG700S price tag on it. ($199.00) He tried to buy it at that price, but they wouldn't sell it to him. The tag also showed it as an FG700S, so it was pretty obvious that someone had swapped some price tags around. Smart Aleck kids, most likely.   

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      Good review on Guitar Center.  I wander in to my local GC on occasion too.  Their best feature is being able to play the guitars in the "high end" room.  They pretty much leave me alone to play whatever I want.  The worst part about GC is walking through the electrics section with the young shredders having at it.

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