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    But what if, like myself, that's all you are capable of being? Who cares? Keep on doing whatever your thing is whether it meets the definition of being original in somebody elses opinion or not.
    The only person you need to please is yourself.  I get a great sense of accomplishment from writing and recording songs. Does it matter to me that somebody else might write me off as a clone?
    Sorry doesn't matter one bit and what's more it never should matter. If you wanna be an Elvis impersonator or Dylan tribute artist etc.... and you bring joy to people who want that then more power to you.  Having said all that nonsense here's the article:


    Songwriting 101: Why Originality Matters

    Original Music here on BandCamp

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    I agree with most of the article, but disagree on certain points.  You learn a lot of important lessons about music by playing other people's work.  Whenever a musician encounters someone better and more skilled than they are, they should learn from them.  Not copy, but learn.  Being original doesn't necessarily equal being good.

    The writer/composer in a way creates a legacy which outlives his physical body.  Yet, in time that also will be forgotten!  One may create a song that is only heard by himself, and another may create a song heard by billions.  One song may die with the composer, and another live another 50 or 500 years.  Why and how this happens: who knows?  The point is music is a wonderful thing indeed!  :cathappy:

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