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  • NGD! Taylor 710

    NGD everyone! Just picked up a 1997 Taylor 710 (local pickup - used, of course ) My current guitar is Epi AJ Masterbilt and I love her with all my heart but sometimes I miss the crispness.

    This baby has sublime sharpness and looks & feels great. The neck feel is not exactly like my epi but has fairly thin profile, but isn't a v-neck. The owner didn't remember all specifications so not sure if the top is Engleman or Sitka spruce (but I doubt its Cedar) and assume the body is Rosewood. She also has a highlander pickup that the owner installed after-market and sounds great. My first Taylor and really the first one crossing 1K (I think it was good deal)

    Does anyone know how I can find specifications based on serial number. The owner mentioned something about the neck having some form of Brazilian wood but wasn't completely sure. Can I call Taylor and ask for specifications? 

    Anyways, I love the sound and will be playing this thang a lot now

    Although agree with most folks, the bass (particularly on the D string) isn't as romantic/powerful as a Martin (particularly HD28V). The only other guitars I liked (as I have been looking for a bit) were Martin HD28V (powerful sound, still maintains the crispness) and a particular piece of Hummingbird Pro. Those two were 2 or 3X of the price I paid for this 710 so I am happy! I haven't tried Colings or Taylor artist series yet so can't comment on those. 


    NGD! (p.s. pics are taken from my phone; will update some better pics later)


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    Congratulations on a beautiful new guitar. Enjoy it in good health.
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      Lovely, congrats

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    No idea about the specs but Taylor should be able to help. Congratulations and Happy New Guitar Day. It appears to be in good shape. How's the neck angle?

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      Very nice -  and yes, call Taylor with the s/n and they should be able to tell you a lot about it.   Their customer service department is extremely good.