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How a bridge re-glue should look when you get it back from the shop


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  • How a bridge re-glue should look when you get it back from the shop

    I just got my Martin 000CXE back from being re-glued (from an authorized Martin repair shop), and am a little concerned with the appearance of the repair.  You can visibly see the glue shining under the bridge, and there are a couple of spots in the back where I can get a piece of paper underneath, and a couple of spots in the front as well.  The two front corners of the bridge also don't have much glue on them, and I can fit a piece of paper underneath.  Should a re-glued bridge have any spots like this?  I thought it would be completely solid.  Has anyone noticed these issues with a newly re-glued bridge when you got your guitar back from the repair shop?  Maybe it's an HPL thing, as the Martin 000CXE has an HPL top, and my regular guitars always have bridges that are completely flush with the top.  Thanks for your help in advance, Jason

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    I would take it back and get them to do a proper job.



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      ^ yup. I've heard that they have trouble getting a bond between the HPL top and rosewood bridges. Personally, I'd sell it and trade up to at least a solid top 000X1 or look at the OM-1GT.

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      Thanks everyone,

      I did take it back.  I called and when I told him the problem, he said bring it back in.  I'll be picking it up again tomorrow.  Perhaps will eventually sell and try to upgrade when possible.  Only have 350 invested in it even with the re-glue, so pretty solid deal.