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R.I.P. Annette.........

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  • R.I.P. Annette.........

    ......I'm sure a lot of the older guys will remember. Kinda hits close to home for me. One of the finest people I've ever known died just a little over a year ago with the same thing.......MS. The man was totally dependent on others for everything for the last ten years of life. Devastating illness.

    Three Dreads......2 Martins and 1 YamahaA fiddle, a mando, a uke, eight harmonicas, a Zoom H2, a Panasonic recorder, coupla penny whistles, an Italian made Titano accordion, three handguns, at least a dozen chess sets, more power tools than Bob Vila, and one old Westclox "Big Ben" wind-up alarm clock that still works! Oh, BTW, I forgot to mention my ocarina and maracas.

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    She was a class act, as courageous as she was beautiful.

    ...and my first crush ever.



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      I loved her.

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    She'd spent the last two decades of her life bravely facing a ravaging and brutal disease and nary a word of self pity from her. Speaks well, speaks well. I too, had a terrible crush on her...Sorry to here of her passing, but she was a woman of great faith, who believed she had somewhere better to go. Her suffering is over and we have to be happy for her that it is..png" alt=":smileysad:" title="Smiley Sad" />


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      Poor Annette and how she suffered. I have a lot of empathy as I have multiple sclerosis myself and know how devastating the disease can be to both patients and their families. She is now at peace.