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Your Feelings on PUI?

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  • Your Feelings on PUI?

    I'm discovering more and more that I really enjoy playing while ****************faced - probably because I am, more and more, ****************faced.

    I definitely play worse when drunk or stoned; however, I enjoy playing in a completely different way. I make more mistakes, but care less, and this adds a dimension of fun to the whole enterprise.

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    Prefer not to, myself, but that's just me...otoh, there are quite a few movies that are greatly enhanced by the addition of ganja and/or 'shrooms (Fantasia and Reefer Madness being two favorites).


    • GW348
      GW348 commented
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      We jam session every other saturday with good food & a full compliment of adult beverage.

      At the end of the 5 hr session, my skills are clearly not what they were at the beginning.

      Do I enjoy it?  Hell yea!  Am I gonna do it again on saturday?  You bet your ass I am!

      YMMV :mantongue:

    • knockwood
      knockwood commented
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      Graeca wrote:

      Reefer Madness 

      Ha! That flick is hilarious even when stone sober. I can only imagine...

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    In my experience, "buzzed playing" with others can be a very sweet moment. But there's a tipping point (so to speak) that comes all too soon :womanfrustrated: ...after which the playing goes downhill very rapidly and then I wish we could be back on form. So I avoid that these days.

    I once was playing tunes in my basement with my mando player. We we're really "feeling it" with regard to the music, and he had brought over a bottle of Templeton Rye, which was going down quite, er, easily. We thought: must record this, it's so cool! So we did.

    I listened to it the next morning in the cold sober light of the day--and it was total ****************! Especially my "vocalsh" :womanlol:

    She's the lady of the light
    Yellow incandescent night
    Tiger eyes burning bright
    In the understory
    I can't see the forest
    For the branches and the leaves
    But I believe
    I do believe
    by me:


    "Music is your own experience, your thoughts, your wisdom. If you don't live it, it won't come out of your horn."
    Charlie Parker


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      Can't do it. I try regularly and fail every time.


      • EdBega
        EdBega commented
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        I use to water ski better after a few beers to loosen up. Doesn't work for the guitar though and I don't usually get into it that much either ...

      • bluzboy
        bluzboy commented
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        I highly recommend playing under the influence of cold sake.

        We've started doing this regularly at our weekly rehearsals, and the results are indeed impressive.  We always start out sounding awful, but end up playing our hearts out.


        (I haven't been brave enough to prove this via recording, however. )

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      I don't play any better when I'm hammered. Probably don't play any worse.


      My impression of how well I'm playing does go up dramatically tho. 

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      • Neal
        Neal commented
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        Stoned/drunk learning is trashed, so if you're teaching a song to those individuals, forget it.  Or if you're learning a piece, best to do it with no more than a standard pint or 2.

        If you're creating and have the tools to record, be it a pencil and paper or recording device, it can be very useful.  Performing is best done sober, or near sober.  Performing for money should especially be done in that vein.  Any other situation is up for grabs, lot's of great ideas while under the influence.  Just don't drive yourself home.

        Nothing pisses me off more that drunk and stoned bandmates in a practice or at a gig.  I've left (politely) situations where that occurs, nothing good comes of it in practice and very rarely in performance.   Think you're Keith Richards?  Right.   Sure, sometimes you know the material so well it rolls off easy, but more times than not you sound like ****************, as Michael Martin told.



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      I like to have a beer or two while playing, but I usually have water as well. When my head gets too cloudy and my fingers start to be less responsive than usual, water only.

      Regarding bandmates, it doesn't matter to me as long as they can hold it together. I've done gigs with bandmates who could barely stand but performed just fine, but I also played with a talented drummer who would smoke a little dope during breaks, and during the next set his tempos would be all over the road. That was a little irritating.

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      • Jkater
        Jkater commented
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        I don't drink alcohol or do drugs so I wouldn't know...