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  • Stella Harmony Guitar

    I came across a Stella Harmony with the Model # ST 36 FCHS on the inside.  Says steel reinforced neck and is a 6 string guitar, can anyone tell me the year I can't seem to find it anywhere online.


    photo: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=527991263925768&set=a.2004551933460 45.48659.100001446962586&type=1&theater

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    Try finding it here. Everything you ever needed to know about Harmony guitars.


    Actually......I already checked the site for you. The only Stellas shown are the H1141 and the H929, but they might give you some idea of when yours was built.

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      I looked already and the numbers are so off, so in looking for someone with more knowledge then just what's online.


      • Opa John
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        In that case it might help if you could post a picture of it. The link you posted doesn't work.

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      Stella guitars were first built in the USa, then offshore, and then limited in number in the USA again at times. They were made for years. So, it would be hard to track down the date without some sort of serial number for reference.


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        1970 is the year that they started producing models with laminated tops. I am looking for what models and years that some were produced offshore. I guess some are branded "Made in USA" and some are not. I have a friend that owned one years ago that was made in Japan (unless it was a forgery). It had the Stella decal with the line under it.

        The models with the Fender-like (Silvertone-style?) headstock came from the 1970s and seem to be laminated.



        The secret of man's creative power is imagination.


        • Neal
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          I bet it looks just like this.  And it's probably '60s.  I'm hoping you paid less than 100 for it..  In their day, '20s-'40s, they were made very nicely, and some of the '60s Harmony's were made pretty decent, but do not have the dollar value attached.  A nicely sought after Stella Harmony of the new batch is the 922 12 string, ladder braced, made in the '60s.

          Yours could be a decent little guitar.  Not worth a whole lot, but may be decent nonetheless.

          Stella Harmony

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