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Wearing of the Pick


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  • Wearing of the Pick

    No matter which brand or material I use, the bottom-left edge of my pick gets worn in a couple of days. I think that happens because I'm holding the pick with an angle. Is that normal/usual?

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    Yeah, it happens, particularly with the cheapo picks like the Fenders or Dunlops. Probably even more wear on thinner picks? I don't know that I've done comparisons on pick weight vs wearing.


    I've been using the Clayton Ultem picks lately. They seem to hold up better, and I really like the sound. Claytons are a little bigger than Fenders or Dunlops as well. I like that a LOT. For some reason, I have an easier time holding on tho them than most picks. When I'm playing in the heat and get some sweat going, I have a really hard time hanging on to picks.


    For a while I was using Wegen bluegrass picks. They say they will never wear down. They are expensive, though. No problem holding on to those with the holes in them, either! Ultimately, I wasn't crazy about the sound. I still keep one handy at gigs in case I'm having trouble holding onto other gigs, particularly at hot outdoor shows!




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      Back when I used to go to a local bluegrass jam on Saturdays, I used the Fender "heavies" and liked them a lot. In the past four years or so I've been using Dunlop nylon picks and haven't noticed much pick wear at all. And, I can pick with as much "gusto" as the next guy...

      The Dunlop nylons do the trick for me and they're cheap as dirt. I like 'em.

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    Ultex is the answer for me. They don't seem to wear at all. I like the glassy hardness of them too.

    I still reach for Fender thins for old school rhythm like Long Train Runnin'


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      Thanks to all.

      For years, I've mainly used Planet Waves,  Dunlop, Fender and some PRS picks, of many thicknesses in both my acoustic and my electric. Predominantly I prefer .80mm-.88mm picks. So far, I can say that the most durable pick is tortex ones. They're cheap but they last a bit longer. I think it is best to keep a bunch of picks ready all the time.

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