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Unhappy with the Baggs Anthem - Part II (warning: whining and ranting contained within)

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  • Unhappy with the Baggs Anthem - Part II (warning: whining and ranting contained within)


    I have a Larrivee D-03 with a K&K Pure Western that I absolutely love.


    Last year, I bought a D-03R. I wanted to install a dual source system that had a "natural" sounding pickup like the I-Beam, and then another source that is more feedback resistant - like the Element or M1 for bigger, louder gigs with my trio.


    I was pretty set on the Baggs I-Mix with the M1 option. It seemed like the way to go, but then I kept reading about how fantastic this new Anthem system is, and way more feedback resistant than the I-Beam. I shelled out the big bucks for the full version, paid to have it installed, and I REALLY don't like it. I posted about some balance problems with the Element a while back, and I got that fixed. Still don't like it. For the Anthem mic portion, it would probably sound fantastic for a fingerstyle player. It's clean and articulate - very bright. For my strumming style, it winds up sounding thin, brittle, and a little distant. No warmth. Too "airy," with no attack. No drive. I guess that's what an internal mic will get you. And don't get me started on the Element - I don't know that I've ever heard a UST pickup that I like. 


    Maybe I need to spend more time with my PADI trying to EQ it properly or something. I don't know. I hate this and I feel stuck. I wish I had gone with the I-Mix. 


    If I pull it out of the guitar, I'm out another $300+ buying the I-Mix setup and having it installed (I could probably do that one myself - just heard nightmares about proper placement of the I-Beam). Not to mention, I'm out the initial investment of my Anthem. I'm not sure you could even have any luck trying to sell a used Anthem??


    I could install a K&K and then get a separate M1 to use for gigs where I need something feedback resistant, but then I'm dealing with the cable draping out the front of the guitar, which I don't like!


    I guess I could sell the guitar and get something else and start over. I do like the guitar, but I'm not particularly attached to it. However, I still doubt I could get what I paid for it plus the cost of that pickup. 


    Seems like a losing proposition any way I look at it.



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    Do you not like the sound of the Anthem plugged in or the way your guitar sounds unplugged?

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    • Howie22
      Howie22 commented
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      Plugged in. The guitar sounds great unplugged.


      Sounds a lot like my other Larrivee, but a bit different.