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  • Arlo Guthrie Reuben Ramzo

    Pulled out some vinyl today and can only find Reuben Clamzo, but I know he did Reuben Ramzo earlier. Anybody know which album Reuben Ramzo is on. Reuben Clamzo is on One Night. Driving myself crazy!

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    Ths song is called "Reuben Clamzo". It's on his excellent live album "One Night".

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      Thanks OldGuitarPlayer. i've got the "One Night" version, it's just that I think he did a serious version earlier without thwe story of the clams. I believe it was titled Reuben Ramzo. Anybody?


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        You're thinking of 'Reuben Ranzo', an old sea shanty. Don't know the album AG might have done it on, but the corrected name may help you track it down.
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          The only time that I saw Arlo Guthrie perform "Reuben Ranzo" was a PBS special with him, Hoyt Axton and others c. in the late 1970s.


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