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  • Washburns

    I never see any mention of Washburns here. What do you guys think of them?

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    I've been generally impressed with the ones I've played in the entry to mid range. There are better choices at the high end. But at their price point I think they are underrated. I have two Washburns, one is a 1905 model 217 parlor, the other is a a DC80 Stephen Davies Extended Cutaway. Not your run-of-the-mill Washburns.
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      I recently bought a mini jumbo b stock on line, sweet guitar for the money.
      It's acoutic electric, I have no experiance with electronics on acoustics, the
      bass is out of control! Is this a common problem with acoustic electrics or just this particular model?


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        I've always liked and enjoyed playing Washburns.


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          I have a 20yr old J50S (quite rare) with nice birds eye maple b/s and a cedar top. Lovely bright tone, but sadly not playable at the moment due to my ham fisted attempts at lowering the action. It's the first acoustic I ever owned and has served me well over the years. I need new frets, nut and saddle for it and it's a bit beaten up these days, but a really nice guitar all the same.
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            I've had 5 Washburns: An old D12CE that had beautiful mellow tone, but a bit of a belly; a D10 (no S), that was pretty to look at, had nice grovers, but sounded like a real POS; a D10S that was handsome, very glossy, and had great build and fantastic tone; a D10SCE that was a very decent guitar; and a D9C that had tone every bit as nice as the D10S. I would have to say I enjoy playing Washburns.
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              I have a Washburn Woodstock 12 string. Intonation up the neck is sketchy and tone is a bit thin but it's an honest solid guitar.

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                I owned 3 Washburn acoustics over the past few years: Cumberland jumbo, a WD56SW (solid wood dread) and a Washburn classical. They were all nice guitars but a bit on the heavy side.

                Washburn was very popular here up until 2 years ago. I don't know why they dropped off the radar other than the fact that there is more competition now.


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                  I have been impressed by Washburns, however I have no experience with their current models. The ones I liked were solid models of the early-mid 80's. Now, I don't know.
                  Never did like their Mandos.


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                    I used to own a Washburn all mahogany dread. It had, without a doubt, the most comfortable, fastest, easiest to play neck ever.
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                      In my younger and less knowledgeable days of playing and owning guitars...
                      I thought Washburn were at the top of the heap in name brand guitars.
                      I would love to find a good vintage all wood Washburn.
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                        I've played an ancient George Washburn Brazilian parlor, that was really nice, but had old-age issues.

                        A friend has an 80's Japanese Washburn EIRW Jumbo that is also quite spectacular.

                        I've also played a lot of ho-hum Washburns


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                          I had a D100 bang-around once. The intonation high on the neck wasn't so good, and the bass was a little dead. My current best band around (of which I have a D10, Yamaha F-325 and F-335) is my D10 (all laminate). I made a bone saddle and nut for it. Its intonation with an uncompensated saddle is great, it plays great, and sounds good. I paid $75 for it (including shipping) on eBay, and it's the one guitar I have that I'd have the hardest time parting with since it's such a keeper and I don't know how I'd replace it (it's also really friggin' green and my wife made a really friggin' green suade strap for it).

                          For cheap guitars I recommend F-325/F-335 because they seem to be so consistant. But if you get a good D10 they can be great.

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                            As you can tell from my user namer and sig, I'm a fan of Washburn guitars.....and they make a pretty decent mando too!

                            They're all (mine) very nice guitars (and mandos).......highly underrated and a great value for the money.

                            I'm thinking about picking up a D52SW or a D56SW as a to-me-from-me birthday present in a couple of months.
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                            • Mr.Slim
                              Mr.Slim commented
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                              Hi there,

                              I'm doing some research for a first guitar (apart from the one i had as a teenager) and I have found a second hand Washburn WD 5SCEB guitar available here in South Africa.   Is it decent for an adult novice? Any information on that particular guitar would be welcomed and appreciated.  Thank you.

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                            Washburn guitars are OK.