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NGD.......ventured into the dark side....

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  • NGD.......ventured into the dark side....

    P1070706.JPGI know, its not an acoustic, but almost....semi hollow body...it's not right, but I couldn't help it....it called out to me....I haven't had an all electric in years. So I got an Epiphone 339....great for blues, rockabilly, etc.

    Very impressed with the sound quality....the humbuckers are dual coil and give a lot of sound choices...

    The acoustic sound isn't bad for jazz either. The solid block neck adds a lot of sustain versus the all hollow body models like the 335.

    Any way, just thought I'd throw it out there if any of you are dabbling on both sides of the river....P1070707.JPGP1070708.JPG

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    Steve Goodman Fan/Eddie Wright Fan/Damon Fowler Fan<br><br>2012 Gibson J45 Standard Spruce/mahogany<br><br>1969 Framus 12 String Spruce/Mahogany<br>1990's Larrivee D2 (Spruce/Mahogany)<br>2007-8 Guild C0-2C (Spruce/Mahogany)<br>2009 Recording King RO-26 (Spruce/Mahogany)<br>1962-3 Gibson LG2 (Spruce/Mahogany)<br><br><br>

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    Nice.    I've been sort of dabbling on both sides since I built the Lester but unplugged remains my fav.    What are you playing it thru and what effects do you like?


    • poppytater
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      Lust Lust Lust I want to feel the power!!!!!

    • C70man
      C70man commented
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      Thanks for the comments....I waited a while to write back because I wanted to play with it before commenting.....

      It has a real nice feel. Workmanship is pretty good. Only a few minor (I'm Picky) finish details.

      Strings are factory 9's. Haven't changed them out. Action set really well right out of the box...kinda surprised me.

      And Surprisingly, it sounds nice unplugged. My friend/guru/luthier suggested I play a few and buy the one that sounded the best unplugged. So I did. I went to Sam Ash and GC and kinda did a blind test...that is, not looking at the color.... I actually tried out about a dozen different ones.....For whatever reason the one I bought sounded the best to me....and it was red....Though I'm somewhat partial to Blondes.

      I chose the 339 because of the solid block neck....more sustain, (of course more weight too) It's a lot smaller than the 335 and at a price point I felt comfortable with. ( GC had them on sale at $399 less 12%). I got the Epi HSC for another $75.

      So far, I'm really liking it....though its not the best guitar to sit and be comfortable with it. The cable connects on the side of the bout and rests on my leg.

      I had my guitar guru/friend set it up, but honestly it was set up very well at GC....I just had the action tweeked (up) so I could bend the strings a little easier.

      The pickups sound really nice to me....lots of choices with the single/dble pole switching. Can go from Tele sound to Blues, to Jazz with little effort or messing around....I like that.

      I'm taking lessons for this guitar....been a long time since I ventured into an all electric sound...so I'm starting pretty much with fundamentals.....I'll be incorporating a slide soon....can't wait.

      I don't have a Tube amp....sold a REALLY nice one a while back....didn't think I'd ever need it....So any suggestions out there would be appreciated.  

       I'm currently using my mixer through a little Fender Frontman  that I've had in the closet forever. It doesn't sound bad at all.

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    Played on a 339 last trip to GC . Very nice choice and less than 4 bills at GC . Started out on the dark side many years ago and still travel there time to time .


    Now you need a nice tube ampilfier to wake the nieghbors .


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      I used to have a ES335 and a Les Paul. I also had the Hofner Club Guitar. I prefered the 335 for a lot of recording. Your 339 is similar to the 335 in many respects. I like the sound better than my old Tele. I always favored Gibson (and a good Epiphone "Dot") to the Fender sound except for playing old Doobies and some other Southern Rock syncopated rhythms.

      Enjoy your new guitar.

      BTW, to me, an archtop is not venturing over to the dark side.


      The secret of man's creative power is imagination.


      • Graeca
        Graeca commented
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        Been thinking about getting one of these, essentially the same thing, except a master volume and master tone (Being a long-time Tele-weilder, I prefer that set-up...and I love the look of the wood grain):

        studio dot

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      Very nice!

      Here's a trick for jazz: Select the neck pickup, roll the tone back to about halfway or less, crank the amp clean, and play with a feather-light touch with your picking hand fingers. Helps if you don't have long acoustic nails.


      • american sinner
        american sinner commented
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        I got this really, well, I had come across these Railhammer pickups and wanted a cheap guitar for them. I'd heard them in a Reverend, but I didn't like the color and I already had another reverend with the same body shape but I stayed antsy for the pickups.

        I didn't know at the time If I'd keep it or mod another I've got, but turns out it pawns. Super low action (under 2mm) with no buzz. Stable tuning. I backed the pickups lower than usual since they're pretty hot to get a little more of the semi hollow tone. 


        My camera is a bit crap, but the wood grain looks nice in person. 



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      Congrat's on the guitar! After many years acoustic only, I got a Korean 335 - and it was a good transition to electric. (I did not stop there)

      For an amp: get a Fender Mustang II or III. They do a lot and will keep your floor tidy of pedals.
       No, I don't have one, but I think I will by labor day.