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  • World War Z

    I would like to suggest to auto-close threads after a certain period of time. One year or so would be perfectly fine, six months would possibly be good, too.

    Should really some new and important information emerge, we could always link to one of the older threads.

    But having the option to give some necrophiles the chance to perform in public ... is giving me the creeps.

    So, in good "Dawn od the Dead" fashion ...kill it before it turns into a Zombie!

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    You might want to peruse this thread in the feedback forum.

    Proud reject from the HCAG Civil Posters Society, Martin snob, vitriolic sociopath, and tantrumist


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      Added to the aforementioned thread

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    Zombie thread complaints are fairly common amongst the forum members with thousands of posts. I stop by a few forums and there are some pretty hostile replies from regulars. They are most often the first to tell you to search the history for topics that they consider overdone and when you do and post a comment thus ressurecting the thread they complain more. I think these members would be better served if there was a button they could click to ignore resurrected threads. Alas I think there may be one or two guitar forum members who only like to complain.  For those of us that drop in occassionaly its not an issue. Its hard to relate.


    • Neal
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      It is sort of hard to relate, I like some of these old threads.  Back when conversation was important.