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  • Small-Bodied Acoustics

    What other quality acoustics are of the same size as a "0" Martin (or a "00", I suppose, too)?

    I am interested in older Gibsons in particular, but any other suggestions would be helpful.

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    Here's a nice sounding slot-head Alvarez AP710SB Parlor that I spotted on You Tube today. Solid sitka top and laminated sides.......Musician's Friend shows it for $329.99 w/o case.

    I know it's not a Gibson, but it's not priced like one, either. And, right now, if you use the coupon code FUNSUN2013 you can get another $100 knocked off of the price. Plus free shipping, of course.


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      I played one of these and it would fit ur needs i believe , fantastic sounding guitar .



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        Huss and Dalton 00 Custom Sinker Mahogany with Koa Bindings     


        Huss and Dalton OO Sinker

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      TRU wrote:

      What other quality acoustics are of the same size as a "0" Martin (or a "00", I suppose, too)?

      I am interested in older Gibsons in particular, but any other suggestions would be helpful.

      What is your budget?    There are a number of Asian single and double oughts by Recording King, Blue Ridge and others that are pretty reasonable and pretty good, including some patterned on L-00's and Nick Lucas style guitars (remember that Gibson did change the specs regularly on their small guitars - body size, scale length, number of frets clear, etc.   A company called "the Loar" (no relationship to the great Lloyd Loar) has a couple of small bodied Gibby copies.

      If you have the means, check out the Santa Cruz 1929 series - I played one of their 00's and was completely smitten by it - I damn near bought it but instead I'm building my own


      And I'll add that if you are actually looking at vintage guitars do you home work both on whats good and whats not, as well as problems to look for.   I've played some stunning old Martins (and one Nick Lucas) but I've also seen some real dogs.


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        Lame starts a thread then doesn't bother to check it I guess. 

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      Gibson 00 and B series guitars (B series was basically a renaming of the 00 series) from the '50s-'70s are a little larger but can be very nice and had at reasonable prices. Pay attention to the details as some are better than others. They're well built and generally sound nicely aged at this point.


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        Those Gibson 00 are pretty pricey for one in good shape, the L and B series, not so much.  I think there's a pretty big difference between them though, the L&B series had that funky "adjustable" bridge and a skinny neck, while the L-00 had a wider nut I believe.  The LG2 and B25 were a lot quieter than the L-00 in my experience, which is just a few examples of each of those over the years, but much more impressed with the L-00, and you'll pay for 'em too.  I'd love to see an L-0 from the '30s, now that would be a treat.