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Lacquered vs no finish?


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  • Lacquered vs no finish?

    Probably a silly noob question. Didn't do a hc search nor a google search first, like I usually do before I ask questions that've probably been asked before a couple times

    Anyway,  here's what I've got:

    -A little free time I want to spend on another little guitar project.

    -A can of clear gloss nitro paint, with still about 3/4 of the can left.

    -A mahogany 3/4 taylor, with little or no finish at all. 

    I'm thinking it'll look nicer, and I know I don't mind the feel of the nitro. Just not sure if it'd make much difference in tone, let alone a in a good way. 

    Anyone here ever did some sort of side by side test with two identical acoustics, one being clean and unfinished, and the other being lacquered?  Cheers!

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    Any time you put more stuff on the vibrating parts of an acoustic you run the risk of making them vibrate less.


    • thom
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      So in short...A finish might hurt the resonance/character/volume somewhat?

      I just figured it can't make THAT much of a difference, since most high end pricey acoustics have more than some minimalistic satin finish...Right?  

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    "A mahogany 3/4 taylor, with little or no finish at all."


    Unless someone has stripped or sanded the finish off, it does have a finish. Probably a UV cured satin poly finish. If you just want some shine on it, lay the buffer and polishing compound to it.


    Yes, the less finish the better for tone, but I would bet that few can notice the difference.

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    • Neal
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      A guitar has to have some finish.  A baby Taylor?  You may not need to worry about sound on that particular guitar, finish to your heart's content and experiment.  It's a frickin'  baby Taylor, not cause for fretting (hah, get it?)

      I will echo FF's last comment above.  No, I'll let it speak for itself.

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    You can buff that satin finish to a pretty nice shine. Not the same as high gloss but its still a good look.