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Is my guitar a fake one?

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  • Is my guitar a fake one?

    I bought a new Yamaha Guitar and When you look inside the guitar hole it looks like the model number is written by hand. Can you please tell me if this one is a fake one or not? I bought this for $125. The number written on it cannot be found on Yamaha website

    I have attached a pic below. Thanks!







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    Well, as far as I am concerned, you have bought a real guitar. It has 6 strings, a neck, a body and all the bits and pieces that belong to a guitar. It does not seem to be a made-up Mando, Uke, Bass or Banjo. It is, indeed, a real guitar.

    On the other hand: Who is going to fake an old, used, second hand Yamaha. You might ask, car-wise, if your used 1993 Chevy Impala that you've bought for $500 is for real. Well, surely it is. If it would have been anything of value, like a Ferrari, a Merc or guitarwise a Martin, Gibbo, Guild, Taylor ... and you would have paid 8-10 times more, then a question like "is it real" would have helped before you've bought.
    But now, frankly, it doesn't matter. Play it, enjoy it and don't worry.


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      Thanks for the reply mate

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    That flower logo on the headstock and the cutaway would indicate a fairly new model. And yet the sticker indicating it was made in Japan would indicate an older model. And that model number is an enigma. And the dreadnought shape is unusual for a Yamaha in the US. It certainly doesn't look like any Yammie I've ever seen. Fake? Sure looks like it, but I couldn't say for sure. Why would anyone fake an inexpensive guitar?

    More info would help. Where did you buy it.? Is it supposed to be new, or is it used?

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    • Opa John
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      I'm thinking it's a real Yamaha, but maybe a not so "inexpensive" model and the seller just didn't know it. The plot thickens. C'mon, lemonstar......give us some more info.

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    The sticker indicates that perhaps Yamaha subcontracted some models to different factories. That was a common move in the Japanese guitar industry.


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      Is the back two piece?