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Looking for a new guitar

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  • Looking for a new guitar

    Hey all,

    My sister has just started learning to play the guitar. Currently learning on a very old rusted one. Looking to buy a new acoustic guitar for. what would be a good one. Not too expensive or professional, but just as an initial.

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    I don't know how much you want to spend, but your money will go a lot further if you buy a used guitar in good shape. Some great deals on Craig's List. Forget pawn shops......no deals there anymore.

    If you buy new, I'd definitely take a close look at the Yamaha FS line. The FS700S goes for about $200 and the FS720S is about $280. I don't think I'd go any cheaper or more expensive than that until your sister decides whether she sticks with it.

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      <<<Currently learning on a very old rusted one.>>>>

      ??? Not much on an acoustic guitar to rust except the tuners and the strings. Shoot a tiny bit of lube (3in 1 oil or WD40) in the tuner gears if they are rusted, and put on some new strings. Then evaluate the set up. It can probably be set up and made to play just fine for less than the cost of a new one.