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Question about the top of my acoustic


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  • Question about the top of my acoustic

    Yeah, I'm posting here because this is where I always found the most powerful brain trust regarding acoustics on the internet... so I am hopeful of getting the right answer as opposed to "Get a Martin you cheapskate..."


    My eyes are getting worse and worse all the time. When I look at my Ibanez PF1, I see a solid top. I didn't think these inexpensive guitars came with a solid top so I'm submitting pics for y'all to check out and let me know. I got this thing for $100 or so bucks a few months ago, strung her with the damn cheapest set of acoustic strings I could find. Accuwounds, guage 13. (a box of 10 sets for $3.99 at my local GC) And she sounds brilliant, beautiful and full. Spruce top with maple back and sides.

    Ibanez PF1 01.JPG

    Ibanez PF1 02.JPGIbanez PF1 03.JPG

    pf101PF1 02stooge

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    Looks like a solid top to me, Frets. For $100 I would've bought it too. Congrats!!

    Oh, and BTW...........get yourself a Martin, you cheapskate! :smiley-eatdrink004:

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      There is a lot of finish on that guitar, and it makes it difficult to get a good picture of the edge of the sound hole. In spite of all those pictures, I still really can't say for sure if it's solid or laminate. The best place to tell is in the area beside the strings. That is where the end grain of any internal laminate will show. Use a magnifier and hi intensity light if you have to.

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      • Opa John
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        I was concentrating on the sound hole right about midway of the fret board. To me, it looks like I can see the grain of the wood going all the way through the top. Those people in Asia can get real clever about how they make guitars, though. But, if it plays and sounds good, for $100 who cares if it's solid or not? I sure wouldn't. A bona fide "beater" for sure!

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      Get a Martin you cheapskate.

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        FretFiend. wrote:

        Get a Martin you cheapskate.

        Laminate.  LOL

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      About the only reason I would care is that laminate tops can take a lot more abuse from extremes of heat and humidity. They don't crack or change action. The IDEA is that a solid top might sound that better but that's not a rule written in stone. Solid top guitars can sound bad and laminate guitars can sound fantastic. Since solid guitars are more fragile and expensive....I would consider a great sounding laminate guitar to be the ultimate tool for making music in terms of practicality. Take it to the beach. Take it to the studio. Don't worry about babying it. Seriously I sometimes wonder about having all this money tide up in a pedigree axe that will lose hundreds in value from a scratch or crack. Nothing beats an inexpensive lam acoustic that passes the sound and action test.
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        The original question has been answered but I'm puzzled by the model number. I've never heard of a PF1. I'd almost think it could be a PF10 but those had mahogany backs and sides and you specified yours has maple. Still, Happy New (Beater) Guitar Day.