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  • Can anyone help?

    Some of you may remember me from around xmas time when, due to injuries I sustained in Iraq, I was in a tough spot and some of you guys helped me out. For those who dont remember or weren't around then, I was severely injured near the Al Faw peninsula, southern Iraq, when my convoy was ambushed. It ended my career and almost my life and I now cannot work. I am still in an appeal process to get disability money and am barely surviving through busking locally. There isn't much I am able to do and until recently, thought busking was all I would ever be able to do. At the end of last week, a old school friend (who knew my situation) who works with an independant television company told me she had managed to get me some work starting in 3 weeks (I write music) doing stuff for TV (I'd be able to work from home). The only obstacle to this right now is that I have no studio monitors or interface (I cant mix to a good enough standard without some) I have ascertained that, going by what I've seen used entry level stuff going for on e-bay, that I'll need about

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