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AIMS 70's acoustic guitar


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  • AIMS 70's acoustic guitar

    I came across an old guitar that my dad had when he was younger, and I've never heard of the company before.

    It's an AIMS mw-18 acoustic guitar, 6 string, serial number 744.

    It was made in Japan.

    All I've been able to find out is that AIMS (American International Music Sales) was a guitar company from the early to mid 1970's that made amps and fender/gibson copy guitars.

    Anyone with any information about aims?


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    I dont have any real info on this guitar except that I bought a model MF-18 acoustic back in 73(?) when I was

    just going into high school, serial number is 741. I think it cost me about 75 bucks which was quite a bit back

    in the day. I still have it and it actually still sounds pretty decent. Unfortunately it has bowed a bit where the

    pegs that hold the strings in but other that that it has held up quite well.