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    Hello to all who are reading this. I picked up a "Main Street Guitar Company" acoustic guitar in a pawn shop a month or so ago. Got it for under $100. I own several other guitars, including a 22 year old Yamaha 12-string dread, Sigma (Martin) classical, Martin backpacker guitar, Tyler Mountain banjitar, Fender acoustic electric, and a Fender Mexican strat. I haven't been able to find any information on the web about the "Main Street Guitar Company" guitar. All I know is that it's made in China. It's a cheap guitar, but for some lucky reason, the action on the fretboard is buttery and the tone is crisp and clear (light strings used). I was wondering if anyone has any information about the company that actually makes the "Main Street Guitar Company" brand.

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    Found this guy who sells them:

    Lots of them on Ebay:
    http://stores.ebay.com/ModTech-Inc-Software_Main-Street-Guitars_W0QQcolZ4QQdirZ1QQfsubZ172758010QQftidZ2QQ tZkm

    There's this too:

    As to who makes them, they seem to come from China is all I know.

    Good luck
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      My Main Street Guitar says 'Fort Worth Texas' on the inside label. i live in Fort Worth and actually ran into a shop on Rosedale called 'Main Street Guitars' B4 i ever bought this one or heard of the company.

      I bought my Main Street Guitar from a pawn shop for $40 and the guitar is factory mint condition.
      i cannot believe how flawless the workmanship is on this thing ! ... it sounds fabulous too ! LOL
      i'm selling my $500 Fender acoustic now because the Main Street Guitar is superior in sound. flat out.
      i thought there has to be a catch to this so i looked to see if it had an adjustable truss rod.... yep, it sure does...(many cheap instruments don't).
      They list for around $100 new. How they can even make one for $100 is beyond my reasoning, much less sell it for $100.

      No, you aren't the only one bewildered by the value and quality of a Main Street Acoustic Guitar. i imagine that everyone that buys one is.


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        Is that, what HCAC now has turned into? A shilling platform for dubious marketers of backstreet guitar sweat shops??