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  • What's The Story On These........

    ...........does anybody know? Anybody have any experience with them? It's gotta be a Chinese knockoff. Is it overpriced? Shouldn't sound too bad since it's got a solid top on it. Might make a nice beater / camping guitar.


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      Yep. Fake. The tuners and the way the fingerboard is shaped along the contour of the soundhole were my first clues. I think the back is a cheap rosewood laminate as well from the way the grain seems pieced together.

      $400 is way overpriced for a used Chinese laminate guitar, solid top or not...and I'm not that sure about the top based on the pics.

      The sugeon general advises you to stay away from this Marlboro guitar

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        The original "Marlboro" guitars were indeed promotional guitars offered as prizes for coupons or premiums on packages. Some had Marlboro on the headstock, some had no identifying marks on them. They were Pac Rim guitars, but this was back in the eighties or maybe even the seventies, and they were actually pretty decent guitars... they even got a pretty good reputuation. Their value is still around a couple of hundred. You occasionally see one on evilbay.


        But that thing does not look like a Marlboro. It looks more like a current generation cheapo.

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          I know you're not supposed to believe everything you read on the Internet, but up in Poppy's post, Frets99 says it's "all laminated" and according to this http://www.guitar-museum.com/guitar-51857-Marlboro-Martin-D-28 the back and sides are solid  rosewood with an adirondack top.

          I'm not in the market to buy anything else right now, anyway. I was just curious because I see them all the time on CL.

          Back in the mid 90's, when I actually smoked Marlboro's at the rate of about a carton per week, I didn't hear a word about 'em. I guess Marlboro sold 'em for $50 plus 460 Marlboro "miles".......that's less than a year's worth of Marlboro "miles". If I'd known that back then I would've probably bought one.

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          Why anyone would want to misrepresent one cheap Chinese guitar for another escapes me. Based on my research it probably IS a Marboro guitar because the same tuners and appointments are there....but it definitely isn't solid rosewood back and sides.




          If you look were the reflection is on the upper left side you can see how the rosewood grain meets in a grain pattern that indicates it's pieced together so it's laminate.

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        It sounds and looks too good to be true.  It did look like the action was a little high.  However, that suits many different genres.   What a great starter and maybe a gig machine.


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