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What are some words or phrases that bother you?

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  • What are some words or phrases that bother you?

    Regardless of what it means, are there any words that irritate you just by how they sound?  To keep it music related, I secretly hate the word "gig".  Everytime someone says gig I picture Glenn Quagmire from Family Guy going "Giggity giggity giggity".  Can't you just say show, performance, or concert?  :catmad:

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    Not music related but I cringe when I hear the word "laundrymat." It's "laundromat," people! Get a clue! There are others but I can't think of any right now.

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    • Opa John
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      DeepEnd wrote:

      Not music related but I cringe when I hear the word "laundrymat." It's "laundromat," people! Get a clue! There are others but I can't think of any right now.

      I can think of a boatload of them, DeepEnd. How about.......

      Ekcetera or Ect. (et cetera or etc.)

      heighth (height)

      spaded (spayed)

      jewlery (jewelry)

      calvary (cavalry)

      flounder (founder)

      presperation (perspiration)

      pronounciation (pronunciation)

      mischievious (mischievous)

      realator (realtor)

      supposably (supposedly)

      acrossed (across)

      bob wire (barbed wire)

      athelete (athlete)

      card shark (cardsharp)

      electorial (electoral)

      libary (library)

      visa versa (vice versa)

      nucular (nuclear)

      And when to properly use "their, there and they're".

      I'm sure there are hundreds more........too numerous to mention. I'm far from a linguist or perfect speller, but at least I know when I'm not sure of a word. That's why I keep a dictionary handy here at my desk.

      Class dismissed!


    • fatback
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      DeepEnd wrote:

      Not music related but I cringe when I hear the word "laundrymat." It's "laundromat," people! Get a clue! There are others but I can't think of any right now.

      Launderette if you please  (if you will )


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    Music related?  After playing music soft and low, a glass of wine...the phrase "not tonite dear".

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      "OMG - that's a shark!!!!"


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        "I'm almost completely certain" is one that's always left me scratching my head.


        • bluzboy
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          "Proactive" never fails to make me cringe.

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        The word "moist". It bothers my daughter even more than it bothers me, so of course I say it once in a while just to make her cringe. :womantongue:

        For the list of mispronounced words: "nuptuals" vs. "nuptials"

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          "Pretty certain" is another meaningless saying that grates me a bit. You mean you're absolutely sure except that you aren't?


          • DeepEnd
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            My previous reply about "mastic tape" for masking tape reminded me of another: "duck tape" instead of "duct tape."

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          my bad


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          • larry50
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            "My bad"

            "Man Cave"



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          Here's a famous one that smelling a little fishy now.


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            "Don't look now, but..." -- you know you're going to look.

            "Holy ****!'' -- where's the biblical reference?

            "Don't make me come over there" -- if I could do that, couldn't I make you stay away?

            "Back in the day" -- what day would that be exactly, Wednesday, Thursday?

            "Butter me up and call me a biscuit" -- I'd rather sucker punch you and call you a cab.

            "We're going to examine our game plan and make a few adjustments"  -- There ain't enough thread left on the scew to fix what ever you broke.

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              "To make a long story short."


              I always pronounce the phrase incorrectly, "To make a long shory stort." It's humiliating.

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                I hate the saying "I was actually born a man" in certain contexts...