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A visit to a Vietnamese Guitar factory


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  • A visit to a Vietnamese Guitar factory

    Mr. Binh & his brother Mr. Minh took me to their factory today.

    I took some pics.

    The factory is a little ways outside of Saigon. It's in a District
    called Tan Binh. Here is what the road looked like.

    Here's what the neighborhood looks like. Nice.
    No crowds of people. Not much traffic.

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    The place

    There is no sign. just an entrance to a courtyard. About twenty people work there. It's a rambling, tin-roofed warehouse type building with two levels. At least a family or two live there also. There are women, small children, chickens and dogs in the courtyard.

    A boy and his dog.

    Another boy and the same dog and the entrance to the main part of the shop.

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      Great pix. Thanks. Soooooo, didja buy ?
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        Very sorry. I thought I'd reduced all these. I don't know what happened.
        I'll try to post only the smaller ones.

        There are not many machines there. Here is one of them.

        Here is the fretting crew.

        Polishing Crew

        Stairway to the finishing room:

        Here is the finishing room:

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          Owners, brothers Binh & Minh. They've been building guitars 40 years.

          Mr Minh is putting a board in a machine. I don't know what it does.

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            Now onto the woods:

            Sitka 2A & 3A

            Blocks for Necks

            Forms for Dreads

            Hog Necks

            Hog Necks & Rosewood Backs

            IR Sides

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              Ebony & Rosewood

              Either Red Cedar or Vietnamese Rosewood. I saw so many woods, I forgot which was which. They're either top woods or back woods. Mr. Minh told me they were Spruce and red cedar. I think he's right.

              Minh w/Cambodian Rosewood

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                Maple (mostly for necks and sides. I didn't upload the large cuts of Maple yet.

                Maple Necks uncut

                Maple Necks 1st Cut

                Mr. Binh fits a neck.

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                  VERY cool. Thanks for posting this.

                  By the way, that machine is a planer, or a thickness sander which evens out the surface and makes it flat.

                  edit: Looks like a planer.

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                    Spruce Tops and Spalted Wood (I think Rosewood. I don't remember.)

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                      I have found I am enjoying all of these pictures, the ones the otherday with the beer, and the figured guitar as well......
                      I think it would be a neat place to visit and see how they do what they do in real life! Thanks you so much for sharing, I find it interesting.
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                        Now....at last, onto the guitars!

                        You can see the Cedar tops. I think they have a big shipment of Red Cedar in.

                        This one folks, is going to be a tone monster. They have experimented with modifications of the design of my Guild F-65ce.
                        This one is deeper, and it's solid Maple B&S. It has a Sitka top. But they still kept their ingenious variation on my Guild ---
                        it's an arch top with a floating bridge and an oval soundhole!

                        It has no bracing inside. People better stand back when it's played.
                        Not only is it going to be an arch top killer. It is going to slay a lot
                        of dreads and jumbos.

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                          The factory makes 120 guitars a month. 20 are high-end for expats and export.
                          The other hundred are not as high quality and are exported to developing countries and sold in Vietnam.

                          Hollow-body electric archtop

                          Cedar Top Cambodian Rosewood Back

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                            Custom Jumbo for France

                            The top is Cedar. I don't know what the back and sides wood are. They might be that Cambodian Rosewood stuff. I forgot. But WOW!

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                              For the local market:

                              Scalloped Fret guitars:

                              Shipment packed for local market. (They carry them on small motorcycles).

                              There are a lot of instruments and woods I haven't posted yet, lots & lots of Mandos a beautiful Italian Mandolin, lots of arch tops waiting to be finished.
                              I think they have a wood called Zircote too.

                              But I gotta go.

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