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12 String Quandry... a little help here?

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  • 12 String Quandry... a little help here?

    I'm trying to decide between a Takamine EG523SC and a Seagull S12 Coastline.  I don't have the option of playing both in a bake off.  From what I've heard on Youtube, the Takamine has more treble while the Seagull has a mellower sound, but Youtube audio varies widely.  Does anyone have any real world experience and what are your recommendations?

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    Neither, but if these two are what your budget can handle, get the Seagull and start saving for a Guild...much better than a Takamine.


    • Mo' Cowbell
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      I've heard the Guilds are real nice. But, I'm still learning and have to work up to it. That's why I have my sights set on the Takamine and Seagull at the moment. I appreciate the advice.

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    Of the two, the Seagull. I've played one but not the Takamine IIRC. I haven't heard great things about the Takamine (i.e., thin sounding, neck issues).

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    • Freeman Keller
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      I haven't played the Tak, but I have the S12+ and it is a very nice all around 12 string.  Its usually one of the recommended "budget" 12 along with the Martin D12X1 and one of the Yamies (don't remember the model).   It does have a cedar top which is a little more delicate than spruce but has a nice warm mellow tone.

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    I have a Seagul C-12, and I think it holds its own against guitars costing much more. It has a great neck too. Yes the Guild is better, but if you can't afford one the Seagul will serve you very well. I haven't tried a Takamine 12.
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