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Keeping An Eye On The Humidity Level......


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  • Keeping An Eye On The Humidity Level......

    .........but haven't had to dampen my sponges yet. It's been hovering right at about the 40-41% level for about a week now. Won't be long before I have to kick the furnace on. Actually, it's been chilly enough a couple of mornings already that we could've used it, but we toughed it out until the house warmed up a bit.

    I've got a couple of the Planet Waves humidifiers that hang from the strings and down into the sound hole, but I hate those things. I used them for awhile, but the sponges are so small you have to keep a check on them daily. My sponge baggies seem to go for a week or more before I need to redampen them.

    Just wanted to remind you good people........'Tis the season. Keep 'em cased and humidified. 


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    You're preachin' to the choir, John.


    • garthman
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      We don't seem to need those humidifier things here - at least I've never used one and some of my guitars have been experiencing whatever humidity the good old UK subjects them to for 40+ years

    • Opa John
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      Freeman Keller wrote:

      You're preachin' to the choir, John.

      This is true, Freeman. But I've seen a lot of new names on the board over the past six months or so and some may not even be aware of how low humidity can affect their guitars. Just tryin' to enlighten the new "choir" members.