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vintage Dobro resonator Need help identifying year, sell price for


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  • vintage Dobro resonator Need help identifying year, sell price for

    Hi everyone, 

    I just registered to harmony central tonight, I've been looking all over trying to figure out what the date is on my Dobro resonator guitar and the amount it is worth. I've found minimal information about it and it's killing me that I cannot find much info about it. The bit of identification the guitar has on it is stamped #1896484


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    Dobro serial numbers are stamped on the top edge of the headstock and are typically four digits, however later one seem to have kind of a hodge podge of numbers.   My 1932 Type 27 is serial number 7501, my 1980 Duolian has a seven digit number that indicates the years made, serial number and model.

    Here us a great reference for owners of old Dobros, including a section on serial numbers


    Model and value will be a bit difficult.   The fact that yours is a paddle head and has f-holes is somewhat unusual.   I would join one more forum and post your question here - these guys are the real experts on resonators


    If you learn anything more, report back.   I'd like to know what you find out.

    And before I forget my manners, welcome to HCAG


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      Thanks for the help Freeman Keller, I've looked on guitarhq. com before but everything I've read on there doesn't match up with my guitar. I agree with you about my guitar being unusual, maybe something had been replaced on the guitar at one point in time. However, the body and neck are in great condition so it doesn't look like anything was replaced. I posted this same topic on resohangout. com, once I get additional information i'll surely post back here to let you know!