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    I got a GAD Jumbo in Jan, & loving it. Great tone & hard to put down. Thinking about getting the GAD-50 next month. They are such great buys
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      A big thumbs up here for Westerly-built D25's!

      Thats what my dads is. It sounds unbelievable. Its an arch back.
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        A big thumbs up here for Westerly-built D25's!

        I agree... I own one and it is awesome, just awesome. if you can find a D25 with the arched back, buy it. :thu:
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          I feel very lucky to have one. I have a mild case (is there such a thing?) of GAS for the earlier D25 that was all mahogany with an unarched back, but I just try to let it pass....
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            I have a 1965, or earlier, guild d 50 #42855.  It has been sitting in its case for 45 years.

            It is in excellent shape.  Minor dings on the front.  What would it be worth?




            • FretFiend.
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              rtmuzyka wrote:

              I have a 1965, or earlier, guild d 50 #42855.  It has been sitting in its case for 45 years.

              It is in excellent shape.  Minor dings on the front.  What would it be worth?



              This would ordinarily be a legitimate question to present to an Acoustic guitar forum. One would ordinarily assume that such a new poster would indeed be a legitimate new poster with a simple question. That, however, is not the case.

              This poster, like at least 26 others in the past couple of months, revived a dead thread, in this one the last post was in July of 2008.

              He could be some dork from GJ, or the Political Potty, just having fun trolling.

              He could be a shill, paid to do this crap, trying to create the appearance of activity on an otherwise dead forum or to falsely inflate the member count/post count/hit count.

              He now takes his place on the ever growing list of alleged 'new members' who have revived zombie threads, made a couple of posts, and then disappeared into the ether :

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              And BTW, I have not flamed every one of these alleged 'new members', so drop the crap about the mean old fretfiend running all the new members off.

            • guitarcapo
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              rtmuzyka wrote:

              I have a 1965, or earlier, guild d 50 #42855.  It has been sitting in its case for 45 years.

              It is in excellent shape.  Minor dings on the front.  What would it be worth?



              Dick...ha ha....the robot's name is Dick.

            • Tony Burns
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              Dick - as per the Blue book of Acoustic guitars - ( 12 edition )

              a 1963-1969 D-50  ( you say yours is a '65 ) Brazilian Rosewood B & S

              Average cond . 2,300 to 2,700

              Excellent cond.  3,250 to 3,750


              from my experience - everyone thinks their guitar is excellent condition , but the book puts very distinctive

              specs as to whats excellent , average or poor -- most are average ( seriously )

              these prices are based on the guitar not needing a neck reset or major repairs- like vg cond frets etc -

              Id also expect a Guild hardshell case .( or another decent HS case )

              I doubt even in the best condition ( in a poor economy like we have now )it would bring over 3 grand - maybe closer to $ 2,500 - . This is just an educated estimate or opinion -

              Those older Guilds are stellar -IMO better than alot of Martins of that ERA .


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            Guild has always made great guitars, and they still do = right here in the USA.  I have recently bought a New Hartford CT- built Guild D40 - Bluegrass Jubilee and it is one very terrific guitar!  Ihave friends that still play 30 year old D25s and D40s and they also are bonafide cannons.

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              Go get 'em FF. Your evidence and theory make sense to me. I'm really struggling with the idea that a company would sink so low though.


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                Years ago I owned a dot com company that sold exclusively Guild acoustics and electric guitars, all vintage from either the Hoboken or Waverly plants with just a few exceptions.  The biggest problem we had with Guild guitars was the neck.  More times than not the necks of that age were rarely straight.  We were always fighting to get a straight fret board.  Some of our guitars actually had a double curve.  This was due in part because of the lack of a consistent assembly technique.  Different employees at both plants had their own ideas and the QC was not as stringent as it is today.  I really like Guild's acoustic guitars of that era.  They were, and are, work horses that are meant to be played and they can take a beating and still sound great.  I think Guild is just starting to come back on the guitar scene in spite of their current owner.  I've sold off most of mine and probably lost money but their 12 string J30 maple archtop guitars are still the best sounding in my opinion.  Good Luck!

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                • guildfire
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                  Waverly?  Never heard of Guild building guitars there.

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                I would welcome you to the forum except you already have more osts than I'll ever have in my lifetime on this forum.  If you've been gone for a while let me cue you in on a few observations.  I want to warn you of a hazing practice that takes place against new members that is meant to become law slung at you by many of the core group here.  Expect to be reprimanded for any of the following:


                Being new to the forum


                Poor speling


                Describing musical terminology incorrectly


                Bringing up old posts


                Asking routine questions that some new players might be interested in


                but the regular contributors have no patience for reading




                -Be prepared to be called a spammer



                -Be prepared to be called a troll



                Don't buy a gemstone guitar pick. They're like your favorite snack; you can't stop with just one.