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    I found a great guitar at a local 2nd hand store. I am just learning how to play and taking classes through a local continueing education class. There 14 in the class and about half bough guitars 2nd hand and quite a few (even the instructor) cann't believe the great sound it puts off. I don't know much about Fannins I know they were built by a japanese company and sold to the U.S market out of Ohio. My understanding is they were only made in the 1970's to the early to mid 80's. My instructor said it looks like mine was made in 1979 and looks like the model number could be c100. Does any one know of anyone else who has one of these? I went to a local shop that sells guitars, harps and various other string instuments and the man I talked to was the owner and he apparently has never heard of them.

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    There was another thread on here just a week or so ago about a Fannin guitar. Apparently they were good guitars that just never caught on. You may have just gotten a very good deal. Check the other threads for a mention of it. Maybe someone else will chime in here with more information about them.

    Edit: I found it. Apparently the other post I was referring to was your FIRST post about this guitar......Sorry! (I knew I'd read about it somewhere.)
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      no problem


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        I strummed around on a Fannin years ago in a local store. It had the worst intonation I've ever suffered through. Acted like the bridge was in the wrong place or something similar. Nice looking guitar with lots of fake abalone but ultimately a piece of crap. Glad you got a good one.
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          Larry Fannin (he's my uncle) sold these guitars through his sales network at NuLook Fashions out of Columbus OH. They were actually made in Taiwan, not Japan, from '79 to '84. If you need any info on your guitar, let me know. I've got tons of info, even one of his original sales brochures!



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            I picked up a Fannin D-19 about 23 years ago, it plays and sounds like the Martin D-28 my dad taught me on in the mid-70's. I have been able to find very little information about Fannin guitars, anything you could pass on would be appreciated. I would like to know the value(for insurance purposes), I saw a Fannin D-57 on ebay a few years ago seeling for $1200, it looked alot like another Martin my father had, very beautiful. My D-19 is just a basic guitar, no decorations or fancy inlays, and plays and sounds as good as it did the day I bought it. Thanks again for any info you can give. 

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            I just purchased a D67 Fannin and would like to get a copy of the original brochure to find out about this model and others made. Is this a good model to keep for a collector as it seems to be a very nice guitar. It is in near neww condition in original case. Thanks for any info.