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If you were to obtain another EG , what might you obtain ?


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  • If you were to obtain another EG , what might you obtain ?

    I'm looking at a Sheraton , soon maybe

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    I have more than enough electric guitars (10) it is skills I need to obtain.
    I long ago learned the lesson that the road to better playing is not more guitars, it is a few good guitars and a lot of practice


    • crustoleum
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      I can agree with that. 100% Oh yes I do But , I also enjoy diversity , I guess , and the subtle elation of knowing that there is one more , somewhere , waiting for someone to get it...like me , maybe but yes indeed , 100% . I will now practice , while I wait

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    I'm always on the lookout for the old vintage Japanese stuff I can pick up cheap Basically just to restomod them, kind of a hobby. Cant really devalue them as they weren't worth squat to begin with. So really cant say what pops up, just know I'll be buying others if the price is right. Have enough high end electrics already so I'm taking the low road now. Must be at least 20 electrics around here,


    • Chordite
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      I hope you are not taking power tools to my beloved Westones !.

    • doublecross
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      Argggg! Absolutely Not! They must retain their vintage aura, I wont even refinish them in most cases, Leave them checked and distressed, They just look old and beat up. Everything under the hood is high performance though Pots, tuners and such are junk in most cases and go into the round file. some pups and such go into the special box for later use, I'm not that stupid, I know which ones to leave stock.

    • crustoleum
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      One of the guitar places near here , the guy has about 20 old Japanese things around. He rebuilds as well as builds guitars pro business , very excellent craftsman , indeed . I look at them when I go there. I may ask him to fix a few for me...He has a very nice place ...quite actually link . hope Phil don't mind...this guy is great , imho actually oh yes he is no affiliation to the business at all ...just a well , a good guitar fixing guy imho http://www.guitardoctor.com

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    I'm perfectly happy with the two electric guitars that I own right now - an LP clone and a jazz box - but I get bored when I'm not out in the shop making sawdust. I've got a partially built Barncaster (that might go to a forumite) and an old koa coffee table that someone gave me that I keep thinking would make a cool Bigsby type guitar AND an electric mandolin. Don't have any idea what I would do with them if I built them.... Keep thinking about building a lap steel - maybe an 8 string. And a friend of a friend picked up my card the other day and said he was interested in having something built.


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      Me like this


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        Originally posted by crustoleum View Post
        I'm looking at a Sheraton , soon maybe
        Gotta have a Jazzmaster. I've put it off for other guitars at better prices.

        I always wanted one. I need that sound. Right now I approximate it ad hoc it with a Jazzmaster patch
        on a synth and a different electric w/pedals.

        Gonna get one this year or next.
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          Since I mention Westones I would love one of these:



          • badpenguin
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            Never seen that particular model. Now that you wet my appetite, what the hell is it? And where can I get one?

          • Phil O'Keefe
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            Aren't those from the 80s or 90s? I think I've seen those before, but it's been a long time. Are they discontinued?

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          Personnnaly, I am not looking at anything right now, and have no desire to get one. That being said however, if I see something that peaks my interest..... why not? There IS a Casio MG510 that has my eye on cl...............................
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            I'd love one of these:



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              I just picked up a Dean Evo Dragster, which I'm having a lot of fun with. Next, I either want to pick up a Tregan Signature series Syren, or this...
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                Originally posted by crustoleum View Post
                I'm looking at a Sheraton , soon maybe

                I'm on it now, but in no hurry.

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                  Badpenguin "Never seen that particular model. Now that you wet my appetite, what the hell is it? And where can I get one?"

                  They did a few models with that neck body arrangement That one seems to have a Thunder headstock. Meanwhile here is a similarly svelte Westone Pantera to drool over.
                  Full set of pics on the link below.

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                  • badpenguin
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                    The Pantera's I've seen, and thought, they were ok, but with that Thunder/Cardinal headstock, it's a looker!

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                  update Yep It was a 1983 Thunder III
                  Here is the source article



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                    I like the look of the PRS SE Custom 22 Semihollow, especially the older ones with the crescent shaped hole rather than a traditional F-hole. Might be a cool guitar but I haven't played one and I don't play electric near as much as acoustic.
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                      I've got a pretty decent assortment of electrics. I don't really need any more, but I have been tempted by the new Les Paul Tributes... they just really appeal to me.

                      Outside of wanting (not needing - I already have a Les Paul) one of those, I also would love to have a non reverse body Firebird with P90s. I've also always liked the original Explorers - a reissue would be cool to have, but again... it's not something I really need or can justify right now.

                      Beyond that, the only other electric guitars I'd like to eventually add would be a lap steel and maybe a pedal steel.

                      I also need a decent nylon string, but that's a guitar for another thread on another day...

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