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What's the highest note that you play regularly?


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  • What's the highest note that you play regularly?

    What say you?

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    I'm a wussy. I mostly never go above the octave E (that would be E4)


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      I don't know the proper name for it. When I'm playing for fun I like to play around the 10th and 12th frets and play up to about a b.(1st string 19th fret)


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          I stay away from the stuff near the horn. I have 5 Fender type guitars (no Fenders) and I can't bring myself to saw the thing off. Not even on the Behringer. Meanwhile my hands get a good workout below the 12th.
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            high e string on 21th fret would be a C right? if i bend it even higher

            kiddin, my practice session involves some G minor pentatonic patterns excerises played in all position, while playing the first and second position in the upper section again, so my highest practicestuff goes up to 20th fret....

            when playing with band everything is concentrated way below


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              F# (Barre chords at the 14th quite a lot ) Soloing I seldom go up there,


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                Regularly? I was trained at an early age of seeing every note on the freeboard as having equal weight. Much of it came from formal lessons playing violin which I carried over to the guitar. The few lessons I got playing guitar consisted of ragtime music which used chords spanned the entire neck too.

                The only limitations depend on the key being played, the type of music, and guitar being used. I have no problem using entire fret board for leads (and beyond playing slide)

                Above the 15th fret it obviously becomes too tight for fingering full barre chords but partial three note chords are possible all the way up if you have enough clearance.

                One some instruments with a single cutaway I have to completely remove the thumb from in back of the guitar to get to the upper frets as needed for a given song. Takes some practice playing that way. You simply need to envision what it would take to play if you ever lost your thumb.
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                  Rarely anything past the 17th fret.
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                    A deceptively simple but interesting thread this.
                    I was tempted to say "So high no one over 40 can hear it"


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                      Originally posted by Chordite View Post
                      A deceptively simple but interesting thread this.
                      I was tempted to say "So high no one over 40 can hear it"
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                        Sometimes I go totally wild and reach for thr 20th, 21st or even 22nd fret on the high E string.

                        On my Aria Pro, I can even reach the 24th fret. I know. It's pretty crazy.
                        I should try to relax and have a cup of tea or something.
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                          It entirely depends on the guitar (number of frets it has) and what key we're playing in... if I want / need the notes, any note on the fretboard is fair game.

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                            There is a song in our setlist that I play slide on and it is in D and I slide up beyond the neck to about where the neck pup is to grab a really high D on the high E string.


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                              First post here, so I'll try to be conservative, and it is too bad that Roy Buchanan is not around to answer, but he is an influence, and on his old tele he would pick notes down on top of the bridge pickup. That's probably close to the limit of the human ear.

                              Good to find you, I've only spent time in linux forums and I really miss real people; musicians.

                              Here is Nancy at work https://youtu.be/DDOIL5OqvYs?t=4m52s

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