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    What brand of strings do you use ? If you don't mind me asking what genre do you typically play. I know, the one that pays really though, just curious

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    Been using D'Addario for decades. tried others, always come back home.
    Genre.... uhhh.. a rock/jazz/pop/elevator thingy. Kinda, sorta.

    And are you trying to become the king of one word thread titles?
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      I will try to expand the titles for you

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      I was selling an old bicycle, adult ladies on eBay.
      Some guy sent me the following one word message:

      SIZE ?

      How rude. I just put him on my blocked buyer list, so someone else got it
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    I buy 10-46 not really hung up on brands there are only a few makers of strings and all others are rebranded.


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      I typically prefer DR Pure Blues - 11-50s. But here of late, they're getting hard to find locally, so I've been using EB Cobalts. Really not happy with them though, even with Fast Fret, my hands stick to them ( I work outside a lot, and have rough hands) I just put a set of Dunlop KFK 10-52s on, and played a gig with them. I have to say, so far I'm sold. I can't speak of the longevity yet, but they feel awesome, stretched in nicely, were stable for the entire gig (minor fine tuner adjustments) (I don't lock down the nut for about a week, to allow for stretching, and had no issues, even after abusing the bar, other than again, minor fine tuner adjustments)
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        You can order direct from DR now I believe. I'm liking the Veritas mucho at the moment, but Pure Blues are excellent.

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        I'll have to give the Veritas a shot. Thanks man!

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      D'Addario or GHS. Currently 11's. Gotta say I don't care for the B strings D'Addario uses, they always feel lighter than the rest of the set and I normally replace them with something slightly heavier. I play praise and worship, strictly rhythm.
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        whatever I can get cheaply, since I go through strings a lot...Fender, D'Addario, EB Slinkys...for the electrics, Martin/Darco mainly for the Acoustics
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          D'Addario strings for electrics and acoustics. Tried a lot of others, but these have been my favorite for the last 25+ years or so I think. I play classic rock, technical rock, and some of the newer pop/soft rock type tunes. On acoustic, lots of James Taylor, and an eclectic bunch of finger picking songs.


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            Ten gauge Ernie Ball Slinkies. They last a while if I wipe them, and they sound and feel best to me. I use D'addario coated for acoustic.

            I play Experimental Rock and Ambient.


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              Originally posted by View Post
              What brand of strings do you use ? If you don't mind me asking what genre do you typically play. I know, the one that pays really though, just curious

              Elixer Nanoweb PB's (in different gauges) on the acoustics because I did a pretty involved comparison and they seem to have the best price/life/performance ratio.

              D'Addario XL Nickel 10-46 on my electric because they are reasonable, available and I don't think strings matter that much on an electric. The 10's give me enough tension for occasional slide.

              Tomastik Infeld flatwound 11-47 on my archtop because two of the local jazz players who I really admire said I should. They're kind of sexy.

              I play blues and what John Fahey called "American Primative", mostly fingerstyle, some slide and trying to learn some jazz.
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                Ernie Ball Slinkies Usually 9s
                Fingers not pick
                Mostly Rhythm/ experimental Chordal.


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                  I always used D'Addario nickel wrapped 10's until I accidentally piked up a set of pure nickels and found my strings,
                  I play stuff like this never took the time to record anything more serious


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                    My default for the last decade at least is Elixir Nano PB on my acoustics and Elixir Nano on my electrics. I love the feel, sound, and lifespan.

                    I've switched to DR Veritas as my main strings on both acoustic and electric, but also use D'Addario NYXL on my Strat since it likes a bit more punch.

                    I play a bunch of styles and do a lot of bending, sliding, and slurring.


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                      Lately, EB Cobalt 10s. I went back to 10s from 9s because on my guitars with Floyds I found doing double stop bends on them with 9s made the strings de-tune too much. It sounded like crap. Going back to 10s and adding a spring in the back pretty much cured that problem. On my guitars with Bigsby and Bigsby-type whammies I haven't decided if I'm going to go to tens on them. They don't have the double-stop bend problem that my floating Floyd and Strat-type trems do.

                      But I now find that 9s feel too wimpy after getting used to 10s again.

                      I like classic rock and blues, mostly.


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                        Forgot to mention, usually D'Addario lights (12's) on acoustic but I currently have Ernie Ball Aluminum Bronze Medium Lights (also 12's, different terminology) on my main acoustic. So far I like them.
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