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Putting in a 14.20k ohms in the neck position with this neat mod !

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  • Putting in a 14.20k ohms in the neck position with this neat mod !

    Tomorrow. I'm putting in a 14.20k ohm pick up in my Epi Les Paul Custom, with this great way of taking out the excess muddy base out of the equation.
    I thought you guys would think this mod would be great, if you decide to put a monster in the neck position.
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    That's called a High Pass filter cap. Rickenbacker's used those for the bridge pickups quite often. Most people take them out because they can get those tones by simply turning the bass down on their amps if they want those jangly tones.

    What's going to happen is the cap only passes higher frequencies. Bass frequencies don't get through. It doesn't add treble however.
    If the pickup suffers from a lack of highs which many hot wound pups do, this filter cap isn't going to fix that.

    High ohm pickups often suffer from muddy tones because the Q of the coil is very high. This gives the pickup a sharp midrange peak. The coil also fights high frequencies so they roll off at a lower level. This can give the pickup a muted or muddy tone.

    Much of this has to do with the magnet strength too. Magnetism is part of the pickup wind equation. If you hot wind a pickup using normal humbucker magnets, it gets muted and muddy as you add more winds. If you vary the magnet strength to compensate for the extra winds, a good deal of frequency response is preserved and only the sensitivity/gain changes. (up to a point)

    Rolling off the lows with a High Pass filter will get rid of some lows, but its not going to add high frequencies back. If the pickup lacks highs, that problem will still exist and rolling off the bass may leave only mids left.

    It may work if that's the tone you're looking for. I usually add a pot to bypass the cap. This adds control over how exactly how much high pass is needed and it acts like a bass control on an amp, except it only cuts bass.


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      I put a JB in the neck position of my Epi LP and it sounds FANTASTIC all on it's own. I might make some slight amp adjustment, if convenient but usually not necessary. Like WKRP says, I may roll off some tone or volume, if I really need a dark muffled sound.

      For me, this pup works great for what I want in a Les Paul neck position pup. If I want a "not muddy" tone I use the bridge pup. Not sure why anyone would want to brighten up the neck position pup....the right pup is doing what it is supposed to do without mods- a mellower, rounder less edgy tone.