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Are you happy with your Musikraft neck?

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  • Are you happy with your Musikraft neck?

    I went with Warmoth on my last build/assemble. Nice neck. Like to save a little coin and am looking at maybe using Musikraft for the next neck. Any experience with them?


    Besides being a guitar player,
    I'm a big fan of the guitar.
    I love that damn instrument.
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    No experiences with Musikraft, but if you're looking to save some dough I love my allparts neck. I've also used MightyMite in the past which, while not bad, is nowhere near on par with my allparts or warmoth necks.
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      Some thinks I like about Musickraft is that is that I can get a custom neck .
      With musickraft I can get a better sized nut width (43mm)
      22 frets
      10-16 compound radius.
      asymmetrical EVH profile
      satainless steel frets
      for $260

      That is cheaper then most allparts necks and as far as features, I would personally enjoy having those custom specs over a standard MIA fender neck, but especially over a MIM spec neck which (for some crazy reason) most places sell.

      Besides being a guitar player,
      I'm a big fan of the guitar.
      I love that damn instrument.
      -Steve Vai


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        My Musikraft necks are my favorite. Best feel and perfect right out of the box. Highly recommend.
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          Have you considered making your own neck? It is one of the most fun parts of building a guitar and you can make any size or shape that you want. Copy something that you like or make one that just feels right in your hand. I figure about a hundred bucks depending on wood, truss rod, fretboard, inlay. If you can make the body, you can carve a neck.


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            I have a Warmoth Fatback neck that I am really happy with. But it's great to have other options like Musikraft and USACG to order from. My next neck will be a Strat boatneck, all maple, scalloped, with stainless frets. I expect to be able to bend strings like a mofo on it.
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              I'm not sure, but I've been thinking about getting one too.
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