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David Gates and other real songwriters.

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  • David Gates and other real songwriters.

    As an exercise I was putting together a list of songs that you could just pick up a guitar at a party or on the beachand play. I was surprised how many of them were Bread songs. Gates stuff seems to cut seamlessly from band down to just a guy and guitar. Some Beatles like Norwegian wood also went on it

    Ended up with a lot of Bread, James Taylor, Woody Guthrie, John Denver and a couple of Gordon Lightfoots that I can never remember all the lyrics too (The Wreck of theEdmund Fitzgerald)
    Dang I forgot just how good that one was

    Who would you put on your list?

    ps "I gave my love a cherry" is out for well known reasons
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    I like Gordon Lightfoot, he sings in my vocal range too.
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      Not too many of those types of songs on the radio anymore. I can't imagine Poker Face with just an acoustic for example lol
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        Much of Bob Seger's catalog is relatively easy to play unaccompanied. A lot of Tom Petty too.
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          Lola by the Kinks
          Patience by Guns n Roses
          Dust in the Wind by Kansas


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            I did a fingerstyle version of Cat Stevens "Wild World" recently at an open mic. "In my life" by the Beatles and "As tears go by" by the Stones can be done beautifully on acoustic guitar. Jangly things by Country rockers like Credence, America and the Eagles also translate well.
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