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    Me, I don't mind a well aged guitar, like my cars and woman. For me the scratches being done by somebody else is like avoiding the heartache of doing them yourselves because you can't look after stuff. There's nothing romantic or cool about putting your own wear on a guitar, if you get a guitar looking like that from brand new it just means your ass careless.

    Besides we all have choice about how we like our stuff to look.......personal choice.

    Me I get cold feeling when I pick up a bright shiny glossy guitar, does nothing for me, same as spangly 18 year old girls.......cold.

    That one up there is hot and Burgundy Mist isn't usually my thing, but it looks sweet as ****************
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      Nice color & the scratches are already there so you won't feel bad when you throw it for not staying in tune;-)


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        I love Strats bud did somebody just grab that by the headstock and drag it around on the ground wherever they went?