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Anyone here own one of the recently reissued Squier '51?

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  • Anyone here own one of the recently reissued Squier '51?

    Anyone here own one of the recently reissued Squier '51 guitars? what are your thoughts? I had one with a butterscotch finish from the first run which was actually pretty nice.
    I had my local shop order me a vintage blonde model.

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    No, but I've considered it. Let us know what you think of it when it arrives.
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      My dad bought one about a month ago...first one was damaged in shipping, so a 2nd was sent.....1st sent back
      * Stock humbucker isn't bad, the single coil is kind of a joke.....(you maybe were going to swap out anyway)
      * The neck has NO finish on it, as in NONE. I really do not think any finish was applied at all.....he ended up refinishing his.
      * Both guitars that came had pretty sharp fret edges.... the one he kept had to be filed down on the sides to keep from stitches being needed after playing.

      Certainly one can not expect custom shop quality at $179.00..... however, my dad in the same order, grabbed a $99 pink Squier mini for my daughter, whose 9th b-day is coming up..... that thing was like perfect out of the box..... action was perfect, fret edges feel like my USA strats, and intonation wasn't far off out of the box..

      Dad ended up taking the neck off the his Blond 51 he just got, finishing the frets that the factory didn't do....and applying 4 coats of vintage tint finish to it..... As you will see, out of the box, the neck feels like sand paper.


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        I know what you mean about the neck, and no finish.... my first '51 was like that. It didn't feel bad though, but i would have preferred a nice gloss finish.


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          I had a whitish one but gave it to my nephew.

          Mine was almost perfect out of the box. This VM version seems much nicer
          than the older ones.
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