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Trading an MIM strat for a damaged gibson


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  • Trading an MIM strat for a damaged gibson

    Hey guys, i have a standard strat up for sale locally, but a friend of mine has a gibson les paul voodoo that he wants to trade me. the guitar is freaking awesome looking IMO and worth alot more than my strat, but here is the thing, a while back at a gig the headstock broke off. the guitar has been not so professionaly repaired and has 2 bolts where the headstock meets the neck now to keep it from breaking off again. its a pretty clean job but the back has never been finished over again. thing is, would this be an awesome trade on my end? or do you think i would regret it being that the voodoo is in the condition that it is in?

    i am pretty handy with guitar repair and know several guitar repair guys so would it be worth while to make the trade and repair it? would it retain nearly its original value? 

    the guitar still plays very effectively and is in perfect playing condition and the action is low. i am mainly worrying about future problems it may have. and the back does not look so hot 

    i can post pics up of the guitar and the headstock if it can help you guys determine.


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    Definitely post pics if you've got em. Anything with bolts holding it together sounds bad to me. I had a guitar (Hamer) with a pro headstock repair that has continued to hold on. By having the repair, the guitar is typically worth 40-60% of what's normal, and that's if it's a good repair.


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      It sounds like you are concerned about resale value. As for yourself, you should do the trade if the Gibson sounds, looks, and plays better, and if you think you will bond more with it.

      This is assuming the damage isn't unsightly, and there aren't tuning issues.


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        Bolts for a wood repair is a huge red flag. Seems likely to break again down the road.


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          With the bolt repair, no way. If it was glued, then definitely.
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            okay well i was a little sketched out by the repair as well and i voiced my concerns to the seller. he has given me an alternative to just buy the thing from him for 200. im sure he is cutting me what he thinks is a deal because he has it for sale for 500 but we know eachother well. at $200 i will definitely go down there and check it out and see if it feels good. at that price i think even if it ends up being an aweful buy in the future i could still break even if i parted it out. 

            i typically am not worried about resale value, only if i feel that there may be problems with the guitar in the future that do not work out for me. 

            what do you guys think about that? 


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              $200 isn’t a bad deal if you know how to fix the repair yourself, or know a cheap luthier.